Wait for It! Family Trivia

Get adults and kids engaged and having fun together (plus learning a thing or two) with age-appropriate questions and challenges.Standing in a line?Waiting for a table?Got some bored kids?Are they getting on your nerves?Wishing you could keep everyone (kids and adults) happy and busy?DOWNLOAD THIS NOW.Is this the game youve been looking for? (Note the subtle Star Wars reference ;-).Youve always loved quizzes and trivia but, up until now, this had to be a solitary activity. One parent is an expert on all things movie while the other specializes in 1980s pop trivia. Neither of you can probably name a single YouTube star. Your kids, on the other hand, dont even know who Tom Cruise is or that there was life before the internet!Thats why this game is so great! There are 1000s of questions on hundreds of topics, and they have all been carefully created and curated so you everyone gets questions that suit their AGE and GENERATION. From kindergarten to retired, from history to pop culture theres something for everyone.You can serve as the official Quiz Master Extraordinaire and deliver rapid-fire questions to everyone else, or each person can take turns passing around the phone while impersonating Alex Trebek. The goal is for each player to answer as many questions as possible before they run out of time.Install the game now, engage your kids (and fellow adults) in a fun and educational way. Youll be the envy of all the other families around you! (p.s. Tell them the name of the game so they can download it, too. Theyll thank you for it!)FEATURES:Easy to use for all ages (even the grandparents!)1000s of Questions (with more being added all the time)Age-appropriate questions from 4 years old to 104 years oldSupports up to 10 players/teamsOne person quizzes another person in each speed roundSet player order for each gameSkip players during the game if theyve gone to refill their SlurpeePersonalize the app with player photos or pick fun avatarsProvide feedback on questionsCOMING SOON:Choose specific question categories for each playerChoose the question difficulty level for each playerSubmit questions and be immortalized in the WAIT FOR IT! Game forever!Finally, whether you are waiting for dinner or a double upside-down roller coaster, you can keep everyone happy and entertained. Download the game now and give it a try!WAIT FOR IT! was created by Julie Holmes, a mom who wanted her kids and her husband to be able to play a fun, (sneakily) educational game together. Her husband is a trivia genius, and her kids only speak the language of Generation Z. As an inventor, she knew that the only answer was to make an app that was customized to each one of them.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.21
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.