You find yourself lost in a dark forest in the night. In the depths of the darkness you can faintly hear some upbeat music which beckons you to come closer. As you investigate, the music keeps getting louder and the lights start to get brighter and more colorful. Before you know it you're overcome with positive energy, and dancing with the forest spirits. How deep does this forest go?*** Recent Changes ***New Game Mode "Survival" added.In game hints.************************This game contains no Ads or In game purchases.********Explanation of game Mechanics************This game is a combination of Plinko, Puyo and Bingo!The Plinko board on the left will determine where the Puyo will fall in the Puyo Board. The spawner location can be moved with the slider handle on the bottom left.The Bingo board on the right is where you can roll for Bingos. Press the Arrows to randomize the corresponding Column or Row. A Bingo will destroy all puyo of that color in the middle board.The Puyo board in the middle is controlled entirely by the 2 side boards! Connect 4 balls of the same color to score. The balls will cascade down, and if they form new groups of 4 or more they will increase the combo. Longer Combos will score more points.
Price USD0.99
License Purchase
Version 1.3
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.1 and up