Jigsaw Superheroes Puzzle Game

Relax, enjoy and train your brain with Puzzle Crown, a classic jigsaw puzzle game with 1000's of high quality picture puzzles in variety of different collections suitable for both adults and children. If you're looking for jigsaw games for kids under 5 years which you can play with them and have fun, then this is the perfect puzzle app for you. All the parents know that puzzlegames are extremely amusing to kids and educative at the same time. If you want to entertain your child and do something good for its brain development, get this mind game in right away and make sure it plays it often. Incredibly drawn superhero images make playing this jig saw puzzlemaker super hero extremely entertaining to adults as well! Your favorite childhood superhero action hero drawn in such a realistic way make looking at the puzzle picture of superhero very pleasing to the eye! And it will most definitely evoke your sweet childhood memories and make you feel like a child again. You're looking for hard puzzles and brain teasers, and you think you're up to the challenge? Whether you are an adult in need of a brain trainer, or you have small kids who want to improve their coordination and concentration, you need to get these brain games like superhero immediately! Download this logic puzzle game right now and soon you'll find the difference in your problem solving skills.Top features:* 1000's of high definition jigsaw puzzles in different collections.* Create your own jigsaw puzzles from your personal photos and images.* Puzzles suitable for both adults and children.* Lots of free puzzles to play and enjoy, with more puzzle packs and gifts added regularly.* Play Classic Jigsaw Puzzles everyday for free in our daily free gifts section.* 10 different puzzle styles, up to 522 jigsaw pieces and combine with the rotating option it is suitable for all jigsaw lovers.
Operating System Android
System RequirementsRequires Android 4.1 and up