Word Solver is a fast, powerful word database search engine that helps you with Crosswords, Scrabble, Words with Friends, Jumble, Anagram puzzles, etc.Crossword Solver:- Enter at least one letter with unlimited wildcards.Scrabble Solver:- Enter a maximum of 8 letters including 2 blanks.- Sorts results by score and word length.- Highlights blank letters used in resulting words.- Scores blanks as zero.Anagram Solver:- Enter up to 16 letters.- Sorts results by word length.All results are grouped in expandable lists of 100.Uses TWL06 or SOWPODS word lists.Installs databases on your device.No user account required.* Please note: On first launch, the application will execute a one off database installation which will take up to a minute to complete, depending on your device. Please be patient, there are lots of words in there!* This free version features full functionality but contains advertising. The Paid version is Ad free and does not require network access.
Operating System Android