Word Nexus Secret Message Game

Word Nexus is multiple games in one. You are given a Word to solve (spell). While letters float around the screen, you drag them together to make the Word. You have to spell the Word in order or the letters will crash.Word Nexus is a great way to learn to spell for kids from 3 to 103. :)*** CREATE YOUR OWN GAME ***--> Secret Message - create a Secret Message or Word List, play it yourself or send it to your friends. They have to play the game to reveal the message.--> Vocabulary Words - create a Vocabulary List with Words and Definitions. Play the game over and over to test your knowledge. Send to your friends to play too!--> Custom Game - If you want to challenge your friends, create a custom game with Word Hints (like a crossword puzzle). When you play the game, only the Hint appears and you have to guess the Word and try to solve.*** POWER-UP POTIONS ***Use Power-Up Potions to make hard levels easier:-- Slow Motion-- Freeze Time-- Letter Zap-- Just Bounce (Letters never crash, just bounce)-- Totally Cheat'n (Automatically Solves the Word)-- Retry Word (Gives you extra Retires per Level)*** SHARE WITH FRIENDS ***Share the final Message (Word List)on your favorite social media. Post your score to Facebook & Twitter to earn free potion.
Operating System Android