Help place the doors in the rooms of the bunker so that Willa has a good place to walk!Willa's Walk is a puzzle of logic. It provides 2 puzzles in each of 20 sizes or types, for a total of 40 puzzles. The goal of each puzzle is to determine the correct location for two doors in each room. All of the rooms must be connected in one big loop, so that Willa can walk around and around throughout the entire complex. But she also doesn't want to just blast right through any of the rooms, so the two doors in a room can never be directly across the room from each other. Puzzle sizes are from 6x4 up to 12x12. (The smallest room is considered 1x1, so these puzzle 'sizes' are in terms of how many of the smallest room will fit across the width and height of the puzzle.)
Operating System Android