Where is my puppy: Brain Puzzle

Cute puppies are looking for their house! Please help them!How to play is very simple and easy.1, Select a dog.2. Drag the dog and just connect.3. It's simple, isn't it?A cute dog character1. Doberman, Jindo dog, Welsh corgi, Chihuahua, Chow chow, Shiba Inu, Bulldog, Dalmatian and Poodle are waiting for you ~ *2. Each dog has unique costumes. When you feed them, they will wear the costumes!3. How to get your own dog is simple. Just feed it and feed it and then feed it!Special Events1. You can get one "food" item at the each of the tenth stages!2. At the each of the third stage, you can play a slot machine to get items!3. When you get a roulette item on the map, through a roulette, you can get items!The 200 maps in the World Map1. There is a fruitful world map consisting of 200 levels.2. The map will be continuously added to steady updates.Are you ready? Come to see your puppies!
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