Where is my cat? HD

Where is my cat? is a puzzle game for kids in which you must travel with little Sophie to find her cat around the world while you return all animals to the places where they live.Your kids will have fun with lots of puzzles and other activities, such as play piano, decorate cakes or makeup Sophie while learning a little geography, and about animals and their habitats.Something happened during the day and all the animals of the world have disappeared, including our cat. But that same night she discovers the reason for what happened and those causing the problem ask Sophie for help to solve it. If you choose to help you will have to travel the world returning all animals to the places where they live. Including her cat, who has also disappeared.The game includes fifteen puzzles based on different places around the world where the child must drag the animals that live in that habitat and put them in the right place, but also includes other activities to have a good time. A piano where you can follow to our friend the little mouse to play four different songs. The bathroom mirror where Sophie can try different hairstyles and make-up for every occasion. And the kitchen, where kids can decorate their own cakes with different creams, candles or cherries. And do not forget to pack before going to travel the world!The game is designed for children between 4 and 6 years to develop their basic psychomotor skills to solve puzzles while learning a little geography, animals, habitats, or ways to travel. And all with pretty pictures and funny animations for children to interact and enjoy learning as they play.What are you waiting for? Help Sophie to travel the world in search of her cat.
Operating System Android