Underwater Puzzle Free

Do you like aquariums? The Underwater puzzle gives you a nice selection of beautiful fish and aquatic animals which you can turn into nice jigsaw puzzles. Pick a picture from the gallery, choose your difficulty level and enjoy the puzzle.If you can't find your picture in our selection, pick one from your device or take a picture with your camera and turn it into a jigsaw puzzle.As soon as you are done with the pieces you can share your result with your friends or challenge someone else to solve it faster. You can also set the picture as a wallpaper to have it on your display and enjoy the cute animal on your device.Our gallery contains the following categories:- Fish - clownfish, Sergeant fish, swarm fish, lionfish, cichlid, porcupinefish, sawfish, balloonfish, tiger fish, yellow tang fish, etc.- Marine mammals - dolphin, whale, walrus and seal- Mollusks - actinostola, Venus flytrap sea anemone, jellyfish, rapa whelk, triton slugs snail, shell, sea stars- Other - crab, turtle, cleaner shrimp, corals, sea horse, squid, urchin spongeThe features of our puzzle:- It is not required to have internet access to play the puzzle game (works in offline mode)- Many nice high definition pictures sorted in a cute gallery- Lots of difficulty levels- Smooth game-play. (Uses the hardware acceleration of the device.)- Game timer.- Share result/picture.- Multitouch zoom and piece rotation- Zoom In / Out.- Piece rotation.- Save game.- Best score statistics.- Set picture as wallpaper.- Nice background nature music.- Magical sound effects.- Vibration when pieces merge.- Kids mode- The Underwater puzzle is free.
Operating System Android