In ancient Egypt, pyramids were built during the time of the Old Kingdom. Pyramids were tombs, royal tombs, where the ancient Egyptians buried their kings. Most pyramids were huge. They had rooms inside like store rooms, bedrooms, and even inside courtyards. Pyramids took many years to build.The inside walls of the pyramids werebeautifully decorated.As well as messages and prayers and stories painted on the inside walls in hieroglyphics, the walls were also painted with fake doors. These were not painted to trick anyone into walking into a solid wall. Painted false doors were considered the connectorsbetween the living and the dead.One of the most mysterious places in ancient Egypt was the inside of a pyramid. Because of Pyramids were the tombs of the kings, hence very few people were allowed to see the inside. You however are one of the lucky ones. Today you will have the chance to wander around anancient Egyptian Pyramid and learn some of its secrets...Let's tell you the story to be able to help Jack to rid of the pharaohs curse and get out from the Pyramid.Once upon a time there was a youngarchaeologist called Jack who traveled to Egypt to discover the Secret of the Great Pyramid Khofou. He had the pyramid map and descended to the foot of the pyramid, where the place got darker and strange sounds appeared aloud! During these moments, Jack recognized that he had a curse while the pyramid map fell away ,,, he wondered how can he get out from the Pyramid without the map?!Jack started his journey inside the great pyramid to find a way out. However, the pharaohs'curse didn't leave him. He tried every way to reach the elevator to go up, but every way had its curse! Jack walked along a narrow path that wassuspended above what seemed like a bottomless pit. Strange things began to happen, a boulder come rumbling down the path, or a mummy was headed his way,spiked walkways, disappearing blocks, bridges from nowhere and deadly spiders. There is no way but to make it to the next turn before getting caught.Help Jack to get out from the pyramidwithout the lost map, and to jump through plenty of hoops to go to the elevator before the traps are sprung.The Pyramid game is developed byDimensions Entertainmentis a puzzle game for the Smartphone that tests your joystick skills. In The Pyramid, puzzles are more of a physical game than anything else. Each tomb is full of booby traps and you must race against time to grab the elevator and get out of there before the mummy gets you.The game is made up of 90 levels spread over 6 difficulty settings, which starts off with atutorial section that consists of 15 levels. Each one presents a different trap that players will encounter throughout the game. The next section is "Very Easy" which also includes 15 levels. Each section gets slightly harder, culminating with "Very Hard" Players must complete all levels in each section to unlock the next.Players control Jack character with a virtual joystick and jump button. The movement is slow and concise. This is not a fast-paced game, but a game for methodical calculation of what to do next.Dimensions Entertainment
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