Master Puzzle is a new puzzle game for game Challengers.This game is based on the physics object interacting with one another under a suitable environment.There are 20 unique levels in the game with each level twisted as you pass on the levels.In the game levels you have to put the objects in such a way so that they hit all stars and finally go into the target.There are 15 objects in which you can interact.This game is for all ages groups.A fun and intellectual puzzler that forces players to think outside the box in order to achieve success within the game.FEATURES- Up to 20 challenges.- Use your creativity to master levels and earn 3 stars.- Cool Physics engine with motion,interacting objects, gravity and particle effects.- Build and solve puzzle with over 15 different Parts.**A Video is also provided for you to understand the game level tactics.**How to play1.Drag and drop objects from toolbox in to the level in such a way that moving objects hit the stars and finally reach the target.2.after adding objects click above play button to make the physics objects to play the physics.3.if objects are not aligned correctly then click on the pause button to align your physics objects again
Operating System Android