Islamic Jigsaw Puzzle Game

"Islamic Jigsaw Puzzle Game" is an amusing Islamic puzzle for kids and adults who believe in Allah and know that Allah is one and only God! This free 2015 app features the best religious backgrounds with Arabic photos, Allah pictures and "Islamic images" which are turned into very interesting and attention-holding jigsaw puzzles for Android! Teach your kid how to re-make the symbol of your religion or to re-write the Allah name simply by matching the puzzle pieces. Click on free download now, and try out this educational Islamic app free of charge!Twenty Islam images divided into two free packs - more puzzles coming soon!In each pack, you'll get five images, at first - unlock a new puzzle picture every day.You can save these Islam images and use these Allah themes as "Islamic wallpapers and backgrounds"!Puzzle dimensions - 9 to 100 puzzle pieces.Choose the level of difficulty.Up to 200 different combination of puzzles.Every jigsaw game is different: various piece shapes every time.Move pieces in groups!Saves all puzzles in progress - work on several of them at the same time.Use pause button if you want to see the whole picture or to save your progress.No in app purchases - all of the beautiful jigsaws are completely free!You can play these puzzles without Internet!Only the best "Allah puzzles" are featured in this free religious game!These "puzzle games - Arabic version" are excellent brain training puzzles and brain teasing games great for Islamic education for youths!- the intuitive menu is easy to use and control;- it helps you to improve skills in problem solving, as well as concentration and memory;- it helps the development of logic;- it improves visual perception.Islamic Jigsaw Puzzle Game proves that religion can be fun!These learning "Islamic games for kids to play offline" is a perfect choice if you want to entertain your children in a good way and to spend some quality time with them. Although it's true that many "Islamic apps for kids" can be found on the market, this one stands out with its appealing graphics, no in-app purchases and beautiful Muslim photos that will provoke interest in kids and adults equally. Preschoolers, girls, boys, teens or adults will, by all means, enjoy matching these "Islam jigsaw puzzles" with pictures of Allah. Show that you have faith, and use this amazing Islamic game for children and adults to instill the religious beliefs in the hearts of your little angels! "Islamic Jigsaw Puzzle Game" is an amazing "Islamic app for kids to learn" because, by playing games, kids successfully acquire many new things without even knowing. So, be a true Muslim and make your child learn about Islam religion while playing an enjoyable memory game! Similarly, you can use these five "religion wallpapers" to test your own memory skills, and to check how long it will take you to get the identical "Islamic wallpaper" on screen! After you complete each puzzle picture, you'll get awarded with the option to save the "Islam image" to your gallery and use it as a wallpaper. The power of Allah is in each and every of us - prove it by solving "Arabic puzzles" with Muslim wallpapers. All of the "99 names of Allah" are united in one beautiful Islamic symbol found on each of these Islam images. Choose your favorite Allah photo and start having fun: Allah quotes, Islamic images, Allah and Muhammad images, Arabic pictures, Allah name etc.Choose the number of puzzle pieces (from 9 up to 100)and you'll get a "puzzle game for kids" or a "puzzle game for adults". Download this amazing "2015 puzzle game" and try to beat the clock while matching all of the pieces and solving these "free religious puzzles"! Get "Islamic puzzle game" and it will grant you many hours of unlimited fun! Of course, Islamic Jigsaw Puzzle Game is 100% free.
License Free
Version 5.1
Operating System Android