Crush the blocks and create words in this original word search game!Word Crush is an addicting puzzle game that combines 2 game genres - block collapsing game and word search game, in which you must create words from given letters.Game modes:Classic - you have 3 minutes time limit to get the best score possibleChallenge - remove at least 5 blocks in a single move to get the new blocks, otherwise the blocks will be removed. Get the best score possible and to end the game press the X button in the top left corner.30 moves - play without time limit, you have 30 moves available!Relax - play with no limit as long as you want!Features:Original word search puzzle game for all agesThousands of English words includedImprove your English spelling skills and vocabulary in an entertaining and challenging wayCan be played offlineSubmit your score from a single game or overall score from all games you playedReview score of other people from all around the worldShare your score via google+, Facebook, Twitter and other social networksThank you for playing our game Word Crush and if you want to support it please rate the game and leave some review, thank you!If you find any bug or if you have any question regarding the game or any idea how to improve it, just let us know :)Support links:Email: littlebigplay@gmail.comFacebook:
Operating System Android