Jam Fruity Juice - Match-3 Games Puzzle

Enjoy experiencing the sweet world with the magic of diamonds in your hands.Your diamond quest is to create fresh juices, sweet candies from jelly, apples, carrots, grapes, berries, bananas, jams foranimal customers like rabbits, mice, dogs, ducks or penguins and protect them from the monster king.Get Ready for a new match 3 puzzle game. Jam Fruity Juice is suitable for all ages and is easy and fun to play, challengingto master!Jam Fruity Juice is a new star gem mania game.Jam Fruity Juice features:** New Saga land with very interesting gameplay.** free to play and easy to play, challenge to master.** nice designs and effects will help you to solve challenges more easily with explosions, frenzy, explosions, crushes andmany other items.** Immerse yourself in the legend of world mania.** funny characters and funny moves.Join us in Jam Fruity Juice as Strawberry and Banana tour whimsical lands serving juice to thirsty customers! With a castof quirky characters, a richly detailed world and addictive match-3 gameplay,Jam Fruity Juice is sure to satisfy!
Operating System Android