Jurassic Free Fall Unlocked - Match 3

A Jurassic Match 3 game - Experience the thrill of the best Jurassic EXCITING MATCH 3 GAME - Unique Dinosaur power-ups, flames and explosions help you Match and Switch your way through 600 levels that forward you along the path too dino mountain.Limited Edition - All Unlocked Version - Unlimited Lives - Starter Free Power Pack - No IAP's - grab this offer NOW! while it lasts!Jurassic Free Fall Features:Match 3 Awesome gameplayNew Duel Mode Levels - Play against AI to win these exciting levelsDINOSAUR POWER-UPS: T-Rex - Euoplocephalus - Pterdactyl - VelociraptorDAILY WHEEL BONUSSMASH EGGS BONUSSpecial Match 3 levels with Weeds that grow, Stones and jurassic items that fall, dragonfly, Branches, Water, Amber, Walls and rocks to crush your way through.Combine Jurassic Special Powers for spectacular combos.Swap tiles for that perfect match.Stunning Deep Visuals and eye candy.Authentic Soundtrack & Sounds.Animated 3D Dinosaur Power-Ups.An enjoyable puzzle game for the family.
Operating System Android