Jason Friday - Camp Escape on 13th

The calm of the Crystal Lake was disrupted by laughter and chatter once again! A group of teenagers has come here to spend a weekend! These ignorant kids want to have a camp party near the infamous Crystal Lake. And they couldn't have picked a better night for this than the Friday 13th! It's a perfect time for Jason to show up and make a surprise!Search the campsite around the lake and find the hiding teenagers! Make sure you look at every corner and every hiding spot! Sometimes when you find one of them, the teenagers may try to run from you, but no place is safe at Friday 13th night!Choose the game modeYou can play free mode to study the camp layout and timed mode to check how fast you can find the teenagers!Explore the Crystal Lake campsiteYou will have to find 8 kids on a huge map with lots of hiding spots - so don't waste your time just looking at the water!Pick up boostersThe boosters will help you move faster, get more time to find your victims or resurrect if you trip and fall into the lake! Collect them if you'll happen to find any!Unlock skins to customize your characterVisit the in-game store to unlock the cool skins and make the kids even more scared of your appearance!Play a game of hide-and-seek and catch all hiding kids! Download GP title game and spice up the boring camping night!
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements None