Bunnymare: Circus Escape

Forced to perform for the entertainment of a cruel ringmaster, you must lead your bunny through four distinct worlds as you attempt to escape the circus. Rely on your puzzle-solving abilities to strategically bounce your way through more than 60 challenging levels encompassing different playstyles - and think ahead to save your hide!Explore a large number of mini-games as you attempt to unlock all three alternate endings. Fill up your happy meter and navigate your way through portals to uncover a secret world ... or two. Enjoy fast-paced, hand-drawn battles against brutal bosses to survive the journey to The Happy Farm. Are you ready to face the Bunnymare?Key Features- Explore 4 unique worlds with 60+ levels.- Compete in a variety of mini-games.- Escape the evil circus using multiple playstyles.- Enjoy hand-drawn characters and environments.- Unlock 3 alternative endings.- Prove yourself in fast-paced, challenging boss battles.--We love to know what you think about the game, so please leave us your review. We're working on making this an awesome gaming experience for you.Follow and reach us on:Website: http://hybridhumans.aeTwitter, Instagram, Facebook: @HybridHumansPrivacy Policy: http://hybridhumans.ae/privacy-policy/
Operating System Android