Sudoku 3D: The Ultimate Number Puzzle

Exercise your brain with Sudoku 3D! It is the most challenging and addictive Japanese logic Sudoku puzzle game where you need to think logically and memorize the numbers in order to solve the Sudoku puzzles. Stimulate your brain and relax your mind!SOLVE THE LOGICAL SUDOKU PUZZLESIf you like playing Sudoku (the Japanese logical puzzle game) then you certainly need to try this Sudoku puzzle game that takes your Sudoku experience on the next level! Easy to play, with amazing 3D graphics, this number puzzle game is offering you a chance to stimulate your brain and challenge yourself in order to solve the Sudoku puzzle and progress further to solve even more challenging Sudoku puzzles. Think logically and memorize the number, relaxing your mind and solve the number puzzle!SAVE & LOAD ALREADY STARTED PUZZLES3This Sudoku game is offering you to even save the number puzzles you already started and load them whenever you have to time to finish the Sudoku puzzle you've started. Play on the go, anytime and anywhere, whenever you want to exercise your mind! Push yourself to think harder and more logically to get far and solve as many of these Sudoku puzzles as you can!EXERCISE YOUR BRAIN & ENJOY THE 3D SUDOKU EXPERIENCEThe most incredible and exciting Sudoku experience in 3D is offered with this simple and quite unique Sudoku puzzle game! The puzzle game is offering you to track the duplicates to avoid repeating numbers in a row, column, and block which can be quite helpful and you can undo and redo the numbers you want to change easily. Suitable for all ages, this Sudoku number puzzle game will give you a real mental workout while letting you enjoy the 3D Sudoku experience. Train your brain to solve the puzzles!SUDOKU 3D FEATURESEasy to play, fun for all agesAmazing 3D graphicsRotate, zoom-in & zoom-out to have different perspectives2D mode availableSwitch between 2D & 3D mode in real timeSolve the Sudoku puzzleMany challenging puzzles generated randomly as you progressSave puzzles & load them whenever you want to continueThink hard & logically to solve each number puzzleError feedback at the end of the gameErase & replace optionRelax your mind & stimulate your brainFREE to play Sudoku puzzle game- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Enjoy relaxing your mind and stimulating your brain to solve the challenging Sudoku puzzles in 3D.Download it now on Google Play for FREE!
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