Cubanoid - 3D puzzle maze

THIS GAME is a CHALLANGE FOR YOUR BRAINPrepare for an exciting journey into the geometric puzzles world. Be careful! There are a lot of enemies and dangerous traps on your Way. Keep the balance and try not to fall down...AWESOME PUZZLES3 demensions puzzles - Rotate the world for puzzle solving. Classic boxes to button puzzles. Puzzles with electricity and enemies and much more!DANGEROS TRAPS AND ENEMIESLava, Thorns, Fragile and Astral floors, Turrets, Electricity, Firebals - everything inside the maze trying to annihilate You!SPECIAL FORCESUse Time Freeze to slow down the enemis. Rewind your mistake actions and block enemies attacks using Shield.ENERGYThe every step reduce your energy amount. Find the chargers to refill an energy amount.LEVELS OBJECIVESComplete all levels objecives to recive rewards and spend it to refill the Perks amount.KEEP CALMThe game is hard, and this is a challenge for your brain and nerves. So try to keep calm and try to pass all 25 levels!
Operating System Android