Block Mechanics - Physics Puzzle

Block Mechanics is a game where you use various blocks to build machines to get goal blocks to their goal boxes. Engineer clever contraptions and program them with the use of logic control blocks. You can create inverted logic gates by controlling Power blocks with other power blocks, and create sequenced events with Delay blocks. Motors rotate freely unless powered by a Power block, locking it, or rotate when controlling it with a Rotation block. Use the sandbox level to build your own puzzles, and share them with the community (coming soon).Currently in game:- 40 Levels (more coming soon)- Motors and various logic control blocks- Various shapes- Sandbox levelThis is the first release of the game, improvements and additionsComing Soon:- More block shapes, control blocks, and mechanical blocks- Pistons, Rails, Gears, Connectors- Community levels- Use the power of the wind to move your machinesSubmit your bugs, suggestions, pics and videos to
Operating System Android