Shiritori - increase your Japanese vocab with fun

Please enable Japanese keyboard input before playing this game.--What is shiritori?Shiritori is a Japanese word game. Literally translated, it means "End taking."It's played by multiple players. One player says one Japanese word which starts with the ending of the word "shi-ri-to-ri"(that is, "ri"). So s/he says a word such as "ri-n-go (apple).").The next player says a word which starts with the ending of the previous word.("ri-n-go" > "go-ri-ra (gorilla)") The players keep doing and if one says a word which has been said or ends with "n" (no Japanese word starts with "n"), the player loses the game.--Why am I making this?Little children in Japan often play the game and it helps them increase vocabulary. My thought is the game could be used to Japanese as Second Language Teaching. So I'm making this program.--This is just a prototypeI cannot make anything complicated now since I have just started programming. But I'm planning to add more features in the future. I really appreciate your feedback if you have any opinion about this project.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements None