Word Picture Cracker

Word Picture Cracker is a game where the player is to guess words related to pictures that's displayed on screen. The game can be played both in two player mode against another player or in single player mode against the device. The game use game coins as currency. You can use coins in the game store to buy different gadgets that have different effects on the game. Play as single player against the device and win coins by guessing the correct word. Use the coins to challenge a friend and set up your own game by using your own image or photo. As master you can decide how the game shall be, one word related to five photos, five photos could make a whole sentence or one photo = one word, it's all up to you. Buy and use gadgets to make it easier for yourself or harder to your opponent. Two Players: Create your own game by using images of your choice taken from your device gallery/photos/internet. Set words related to the images of your selection in your own language ie English, Arabic, Chinese, German, Vietnamese. Invite a friend either by facebook or e-mail and challenge them to guess the words you have chosen. Buy and use gadgets to make it easier for your self or harder for the opponent. Single player: Ten levels with different characters where the word to guess is shown as an item image in a bookshelf. Each bookshelf contains ten different item images. Buy and use gadgets to make the level easier to complete.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Android 4.0 or up