Hexa Bounce

Hexa Bounce is a game of strategy and spatial ability. The game consists in avoiding that the hexagonal bricks that appear at the top of the screen and go down reach the bottom line. Each turn you have to throw a ball that bounces and makes contact with as many hexagonal bricks as possible. Each hexagon has a number that indicates how many times it must be hit to destroy it. The hexagons go down one row each turn, if you do not destroy them they will come down and you will have lost. Although the mechanics of the game are very simple, this is very difficult to master, because in each turn you should look for more than three or four rebounds against the hexagons. You have to make similar bounces to 8pool or billiards pool. When playing without a strategy you get scores between 8 and 10 points, there is no fun. But if you play it thoroughly you can get scores of more than 100 points. Hexes will appear, each with a number that indicates how many hits It needs to be destroyed. Hexagons with a mark indicate that they have a chain reaction and hit their adjacent hexagons. Throw the ball so that it bounces as much as possible to destroy as many hexes in a shot. If any hex reaches the bottom line, you lose. But do not get comfy, a bad throw can mean your downfall and the end of the game. No time limits.
Price USD 1.99
License Purchase
Version 3.0
Operating System iOS
System Requirements None