You've probably played Words with Friends, the popular word game that lets you play against friends, family and strangers. Perhaps you've found yourself struggling to find good words to play. You look at your tiles and can only see two and three letter word possibilities. This is where Words Assistant comes in.Words Assistant will help you find the best words to make from your tiles, so you don't need to rely on vocabulary and memory anymore. Words Assistant is easy to use. You simply drag and drop your opponent's tiles to the game board. Drag and drop your tiles to your tray. Then click "Find Best", and Words Assistant will find the high scoring word and also the longest word you can play with your tiles. Words Assistant stores all of your games, so no need to constantly create boards. Just add your opponent's last play and your new tiles, and you're ready to click "Find Best" to find the best word for your next turn.Using Words Assistant will make playing much more fun because you'll leave your friends wondering how in the world you could ever be that good.
Price USD1.99
License Purchase
Version 1.2.7
Operating System Android