This is a adventure story about a frog named Croke who lives in the forest. The Frogger went on the way of adventure when he was young. His friends were kidnapped by vicious wizard.And the frogger has to unlock the pullze which the wizard set up, or he can't reach the destination.How to solve the pullzes?Tap 2 or more adjacent cubes of the same color to collapse. Only achieve the goal in the limited time and moves, you can progress the level. Eliminate 4 or more adjacent cubes to collect special props such as boosters, super batteries and bombs. By those props, you can collapse barriers rapidly to obtain higher scores! And tap adjacent props, it will has fantastic effect. For example, the rocket can blast a transverse or vertical line of cubes. The higher scores, the higher level gardes you will obtain. High grades need your talent. Come to challange to join the most interesting blast game in the world.Feature of Frog Pop:1. New trip needs you passed many challanging levels to unlock.2. You can use the special props( such as boosters, super batteries, bombs) those you gathered masterly in the game to achieve high level grades.3. Collect target stars to unlock new tasks in the world map.4. New props and attractive design.5. Frog Pop is easy to master but challanging.6. Completly free, no payment in app.7. You are free to play without wifi.Have a nice adventure time! Tap joy! You will be hooked on this frogger. You are free to contact us on Facebook :
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