Puzzle Adventure - underground temple quest

In these hard times, we have no time to waste. Are you ready play puzzle games? can you escape? Find a way to solve the 100 floors of crystal maze brain-bending by searching for hints and using your mind! Can you escape crystal maze? Game Features: Constant free updates of the game hundred floors More than 300+ challenge levels The wide range of difficulties from very easy to very hard Auto-save Selectable stages maze in crystal maze Uncover the secrets hundred floors of elevator games How to play:- Tap and find the items and solve tricks and riddles.- A trick is set in a place hard to see or a corner of sight.- Let's go and go through each maze room of elevator games and solve the problem.- There are many strange, mysterious tools and tricks.- Solve many puzzles to escape the rooms on hundred floors. Your goal is to escape from hundred floors of the crystal maze. The elevator games have a lot of puzzles that will give you hours of gameplay until you escape from it. Can you escape elevator games? Download Puzzle adventure free!
Operating System Android