Battlefield Of The Mind

Battlefield of the Mind is a memory card puzzle game. The Chinese Zodiacs are featured on the cards of Battlefield of the Mind, with the addition of the cat and panda for level 9. Level 1 starts with 6 cards of 3 pairs and goes up to level 9 with 28 cards of 14 pairs. You are free to start at any level and be quick as fire in your mind battlegrounds.The rules of the game are simply the survival of all levels. Battlefield of the Mind can be enjoyed by all. It is free and will fire up your mind as you take the challenge in these battlegrounds.Battlefield Of The Mind Features: - 14 different cute animals to match.- 9 different levels of difficulties.- A memory card game for both young and old. - Simple rules of play which is survival of each level.- Fun and addictive memory card puzzle game. Download Battlefield Of The Mind now. It is a free game to fire your mind and enter the battlegrounds to test your memory.
Operating System Android