Dino Puzzle - Dinosaur for kids and toddlers

Dino Puzzle is a great educational game for kids. It contains many addictive puzzles. The kids and toddlers learn a lot of skills just by playing and having a great time. Game expands knowledge of the dinosaurs, their environment and their life.Game features:- 12 Dino Puzzles completely FREE! for you to test- NO ADS- 26 different dino puzzles in total - very easy to play and learn- beautiful hand drawn graphics- special for kids aged 1 - 5- many different dinosaurs- many different landscapesWe focus on educational games for young children. We have focused on making beautiful colorful and striking graphics but maintaining the characteristic shape according to the dinosaurs. All the dinosaurs are placed in their natural habitat and all belong to the same time, in this case the Cretaceous.Dino Puzzle Game teaches:- concentration- memory- problem sloving - Know more about dinosaursThanks for your support!Have fun!
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