Puzzle Block & Arrange Blocks

With the Arrange Blocks game inspired by the Puzzle game, you will have a great experience. In your free time, you can relax by playing this excellent game through Android applications. The game is simple and enjoyable. You will then move the bins to the appropriate places and collect points in the meantime. That's all! Now let's take a look at the detailed information about this game together!How is the Puzzle Arrange Blocks Game?Arrange Blocks is a creative puzzle game and is a Puzzle-like application. It will suffice only to drag the pieces at the right time and the right place. Unlike annoying ads and low-profile games, this game is a fun and simple game. As you progress through the game, you will jump to level and the perfect stage will be waiting for you. You can close the application at any time and resume where you left off.It is a very easy puzzle game as we say in the game. Grab the boxes from the top and drag them to the appropriate area. You will need to fill in all the rows and columns correctly and before time. If all the blanks are full, you will win the game. But beware because the last 3 lines are a little more difficult to fill, so be very careful towards the end. Be the one with the most points and sit in the privileged position between your friends. Let's start playing the game right now and throw away all your stress!Game ModesThere will be 3 different mods waiting for votes. These modes are very simple, and the level of difficulty increases as the game progresses. There will also be small surprises waiting for you in the game. Let's just talk about one and discover the others. Yes, you will see bombs waiting to explode in the game, if you succeed in shutting down these bombs before your time, you can get rid of the bombs or your entire work may be wasted.Puzzle Block is simple, creative puzzle game and easy to play. You need only drag the blocks and fill out space on the girdsHow to play?- Touch and drag the blocks to move them.- You need fill all in the rows or columns, the block will be clear and you get the point. Game will be over if there are no space in the grids.- In the crazy game mode, you need to remove the places where bombs go through. When a bomb's counter reaches zero, it will explode, game will be over.Features- Arrange Block - Block Puzzle Free is 5 challenging game modes.- Simple rules and easy control.- Elegant and tasty graphics.- Support leaderboard.
Operating System Android