Run, jump, flip and fly Mr Block through Blocktopia, collecting coins and points as you go. With its beautiful, nostalgic, retro style, Block Star is an epically hard puzzle platform game, packed with over 40 levels in story mode alone. Like most games of the past, it's easy to play, but difficult to master! This game will challenge you mentally and physically as you try to master such manoeuvres as "The Hover Jump". But be careful of those "random" blocks, as you never know what may happen! This game will take you on a journey. Do you have the tenacity to see it through to the end? The seriously addictive game, which you won't stop until you've completed! ... which may take some doing! Over 40 levels in story mode! Endless mode for endless fun! Classic retro feel, for real, old-school gamers! Crazy game mechanics Excellent retro soundtrack Fluid, Responsive Controls I want this to be a community driven game, I'm always open to constructive feedback for future updates or improvements.
Operating System Android