Puzzle Days - Jigsaw Games

Jigsaw Puzzle Days is one of the newest puzzle games, it is a jigsaw game for adults but also for teenagers that puts your brain in motion.Working on puzzle games and solving them provides us with very many helpful benefits like : Making us alert, increasing our concentration, expands our creativity so it's good for the brain to play as many jigsaw puzzle games and try to solve at least one puzzle game each day ! Jigsaw puzzle days hands you the freedom to choose the difficulty you want and to play puzzle games from 25 puzzle pieces to 144 puzzle pieces, the last one being the most difficult level available for now.You can create your own puzzle from a picture you've taken with your camera or a picture you have on your device and create levels like animal puzzle games, landscape puzzle games and more.Jigsaw puzzle day is one puzzle game that never ends because you can create as many puzzles as you like !Jigsaw Puzzle Days Features:- create unlimited puzzles with pictures you have on your device- play different types of difficulty up to 144 pieces- select puzzle pieces rotation if you want an increased difficulty- use hints if you get stuck on some pieces or if you want to finish the puzzle faster
Operating System Android