Best. jump. Ever.helix jump ball ! has addictive free jump gameplay with jumping ball and helix maze.HOW TO PLAY: * Rotate the helix maze by sliding your finger horizontally across your screen to guide the jumping ball through the gaps in the helix tower.* Be careful to not let the jumping ball hit the yellow planks in the helix maze or it's game over!* Collect diamonds in your journey and unlock more balls!* Do not miss your jump - do not fall off the edge! helix jump ball arcade tower bounce spiral jumping bonus hoodoo bouncing helix, Infinitely slide down the helix, but be careful, you are not a kid anymore! Jump over the pits and obstacles, avoid objects shooting at you.* Bit your highscore and compete with others to hit the best score in the world!Features:- Multiple levels of helix Jump Ball - Different helix designs for helix Jump - Difficulty levels for new levels- smooth control We hope you enjoy the new sensation that is hexil Jump Ball and Give us thumbs up as feedback.
Operating System Android