Retro Puzzle Game is one of the most popular games in the world. This game came to us from the last century, but still remains one of the best and popular games all over the world!A feature of Retro Puzzle Game is a variety of settings, easy game mechanics, a large number of supported Android devices and eight-bit music.At the beginning of the game you set the speed of blocks falling. Blocks fall down with the speed from 0 to 30. Management of the game is friendly, simple and intuitive. Matrix design of game field is very attractive!There are more than 10 levels in the game.Try to get highest scores and share it with friends. (Under construction).Tell your friends about this game! Den thanks you for installing this game.Features:Bricks speedLevelsDoes not require special permissionsShows the drop location of the active piecePup-up textSoundsMusicEvent vibrationShow FPSNo adsCompatible with older Android devices
Operating System Android