Try your best to beat the puzzles. Roll the balls to their holes to win. Sounds easy...50 challenging puzzle cubes from around the world.Super-realistic, fast passed, un-forgiving physics will soon have you in a spin.Concentrate hard and you will soon learn how to manoeuvre the balls to their correct positions. But can you master all the puzzles? Maybe if you have luck too.Struggling on a particular puzzle? No need to throw your device down in frustration. Rolly Rolly can be completed in any order you wish, so move on to the next puzzle - no unlocking required.Finished but have nothing better to do? Why not beat your best times and tell everyone about it!Featuring:--Full 3D puzzles with nightmarish obstacles to get in your way.-Easy, just rotate your device to roll the balls.-Finally tuned realistic physics.-Background locations from around the world.-Complete in any order you wish.-Secret when you complete all the levels. Don't get too excited though.Please note that this game will have a better response time with phones and tablets that have a gyroscope sensor built-in, although this game will still work, and is fun to play, on most devices.This game is offered totally free, but feedback and reviews would be very much details:
Operating System Android