Alt-G: Lateral Thinking

Alt-G is a lateral thinking puzzle game like no other.Think outside the box and discover ridiculous solutions to well-known mini-games.Solve impossible brain teasers by playing with all the features in your phone: smile-recognition, voice-recognition, handwriting-recognition, sensors, multi-touch, mic, camera and more!Try these tricky tests and get your creativity IQ certificate!Each level is an original mini-game. New levels added all the timePlay with your face, smile, voice, fingers, mouth, earphones and more!Use your coins to unlock hints or the special "white flag" to help you in case you are stuck. You'll be able to play all levels for free!Complete the game and get a certificate with your Creative IQ level to compare with your friendsUnlock all achievements and submit your score on Play Game ServicesPick up and play with all the features in your phone. Use your lateral thinking skills!The game was developed by a single indie developer (that's me!). If you like these puzzles, please rate the game, leave a comment or suggest a new level!You can get all the details on the website or in Twitter @altappPermissionsAlt-G is a brain teasers game designed to use all the features in your device so it will require a access to specific features that are required to solve original puzzles.
Operating System Android