Your goal is to claim 75% of the game field or more. You do this by swiping your finger across the screen, starting a divider that travels in two directions. When both sides has reached the walls, all empty areas sealed by the divider will be yours.If the divider hits a ball before being secured by the walls, you lose a life.Except, if you hit a blue ball, you gain an extra life. Careful though, you have to perform a direct hit. If the ball bounces on the divider, you still die.When you have claimed 75% of the screen, you will continue to the next level, where you have to defeat one more ball.You get a bonus for every % you claimed over 75.If you are an older devices, please uncheck the "full graphics" in order to increase framerate (fps).Saves hiscore.Upcoming changes:- easy, medium, hard - difficulty selection- different types of balls, extra life, bonuses- time bonuskeywordsjezzball,icebreaker,qix,trapball,balls,bouncing
Operating System Android