StepWords is a fun free word game that's simple to play, but challenging if you want to get the best score. There's thousands of puzzles, and a full dictionary so you don't need to guess the right word - any word will do. Each puzzle is based on an anagram, but you don't have to solve it - you just try to use as many letters as possible but can use several words rather than just one. You'll see the answer at the end so you'll learn new words. Its perfect if you like Scrabble or crosswordsStepWords is simple to play:Step 1: You start with an anagram and try to use as many letters as you canStep 2: You start with the letters from step 1 and do the same using all or all but one of them.Next Steps: Carry on for as many steps as you can, and provided you beat the target number of steps you can start a new round with a longer starting word (up to 10 letters)- No good at anagrams? No problem! You don't have to solve the starting word - just try to use as many characters as possible - you can even use more than one word.- The game gives you tips on anagram solving as you play- There's no time limit so you can take as long as you want- Step words is completely Free - there's no need to pay for hints or new puzzles- Sick of word games where you have to guess the right word to continue? Don't worry, this isn't one of those games - you can use any word you like as long as it's in our dictionary.StepWords is a great way to exercise your brain:- You can find out the answer to the anagram in the end of round screen and even search for a definition if you're online - it's a great way to learn new words!- It'll help you get better at word games- A tip or quote is displayed at the end of each round. You earn new quotes as your lifetime score increasesStepWords is challenging if you want to get the best score:- If a step doesn't use all or all but one of the letters from the previous step then it doesn't count towards the target number of steps and your score will reduce.- You get a bonus for not using the same word twice in a round- You get a round level bonus for beating the target number of words- You get a lifetime score bonus every time you use a new word
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