Minesweeper Battle: Free Landmine Game for Android

Minesweeper Battle is a single-player bomb game where mines are hidden in a grid of squares. The object of the game is to clear an abstract minefield without detonating a mine. Exciting bomb defuser, block battles here will exercise your mind power and quick wits while having fun along the way!If you like exciting bomb game, you're going to love this free classical game! Welcome to our 2018 minesweeper mania. You win by clearing all the safe squares and lose if you click on a landmine. So, go for it!Minesweeper FEATURES:Classic minesweeper gameplayPrimary, middle, senior, master, hellWell-designed difficulty levels to playVariable minefield, clear flags marksCool solo gameplay, unique brain teasersVariable minefield, set number of landminesLively sounds, music effect, cool atmosphereAvoid the mines and join the leaderboardVariable zoom levels to help dodge minesThe original Minesweeper for AndroidAccurate game timer excites your aptitudeSelect the difficulty by clicking "Menu"5 kinds of minefield can be chosen:Primary: 9 9, 10 mines, 81 blocksMiddle: 12 9, 20 mines, 108 blocksSenior: 16 9, 30 mines, 144 blocksMaster: 16 16, 50 mines, 256 blocksHell: 30 16, 99 mines, 480 blocksMinesweeper rules and tips:Mark: observe numbered tiles and mark flag tilesOpen: click a square to open a tile and get infoZoom: help you recognize mine tiles more clearMines: notice rest of mines to mark possible bombMenu: choose the difficulty you want to challengeExplore: click the middle area to avoid detonatingDouble click: double click number can open block in one-timeHighlights of minesweeper:*Intelligent puzzle game for adults*Zoom function greatly help clear board*No bomb timer, bring you supreme pleasure*Advanced algorithms help you become logic pro*No countdown time limit brings you endless joy*Stepwise levels from minesweeper beginner to expert*Auto saved function can keep your highscores records*Variable minefield opens exciting block minesweeper adventure*Free reasoning aptitude test make you a minesweeper king*Perfect gameplay change you become a super mine collecterCool retro minesweeper is rolling in!Do you still remember old classic game - minesweeper? The classic cool math game for leisure and entertainment? Today, the redesigned minesweeper is re-rising. The magic numbered cell, unexpected bombs will test your inductive reasoning and challenge your brainpower.Offline brain game free to challenge!Play with your friends, challenge the multiple difficulty levels. Mark a flag you think is a mine, or open it. Whenever, wherever, no wifi, offline free unlimited minesweeper game can improve your memory, bring you mind puzzles mania.Abundant brain booster which lead you into bombs mania!Minesweeper is brain puzzles game which needs logical reasoning and strong memory. When you click on "start", you are entering into mine world. Be careful! Or you may detonate a bomb or a grebade. Opening a square which doesn't have a bomb reveals the number of adjacent tiles contain bombs.Minesweeper - one of the most challenging games you ever played!If you don't want to be bombed out, watch out! May be the landmines are hidden underfoot. Using your wisdom and critical thinking, eliminate nuclear bomb threat, stop bomb simulator explosion, have fun in blast mania, win minesweeper victory!Hope you have fun and enjoy it!
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