Icy Purple Head - Stick and Slide Journey

Icy Purple head is travelling to the south from the cold winter world.His goal is to reach reach cardboard delivery box wich will be shipped by the mail to the hot south beaches.Help icy to escape ice cool winter land by using his magic power of freezing himselfWhen you touch the display, Purple become icy, and if you don't touch the screen icy will be purple again.Remember when solving puzzles, ice cube is slides on any surface and flying on the airflows,but purple is sticking to the objects.You can fly, slide, roll and jump around to reach the goal box.Features:- Physics-based puzzles- Easy to play mechanics- one touch control- bright graphics- catchy and fun background music- tricky puzzles- timing levels- teleport levels- funny springs bounces- cool physics world- rope puzzles with stick hangersIf you'll like my game, i will try to make even more levels!
Operating System Android