Bubble Shoot : Pop all Bubbles

Bubble Shooter is a great new bubbles shooter game with 900 amazing levels, like the classic bubble shooter and arcade bubble shooter version every one loves.in Bubble Shooter you will have many levels and unique features that make it better then the other bubble shooter game,in Bubble Shooter you dont just burst bubbles and finish the level, here you have very special levels design and unique ball mechanicthat will keep you playing for long timeBubble Shooter will keep you playing for long time with many unique levels,each level is specially designed to be fun and strategic and better then before,in each level you will have to figure out the bubble puzzle and how to pop all the balls.Bubble Shooter is similar to the old school classic and arcade bubble shooters, shoot bubbles at a matching color bubble and make a match of at least 3 with the same colorto make them burst, every bubbles you burst will charge your boosts that you can then blast where ever you choose to in order to clear the levels and get rid ofhard to reach places, just tap the screen to shoot a bubble, tap and hold to see the aim direction.remember you can bounce balls from the side of the screenand hit bubbles you couldn't hit with a straight lineBubble Shooter have many Unique Boosts the will help you complete each level:Super Ball - Burst every thing in its wayBomb Ball - Blast and Explode when it hit other bubblesSuper Aim - make the aiming dots longer and more precise to show you clearly where your ball will hitBubble Shooter is specially designed with unique bubble balls to pop, such as:Spike Ball - pop and burst every thing it touches and doest do a match of 3 bubblesIce Ball - pop balls next to it and it will convert to their colorQuestion Ball - every time you shoot your bubble the color of the question ball will changeCloud Ball - make a match of at least 3 of the same color as the cloud ball next to it to make it popWood Ball - you will have to burst all the bubbles around it to make it fall down, this ball cannot be matchedand many more!!!
Operating System Android