Minesweeper easily trains your brain and increase the speed of your thinking. At the same time it is fun and challenging logic puzzle. The objective of the game is to demine minefield without detonating any of the land mines. Can you win all three classic minesweeper game levels? Then you are good enough to be listed in World Ranking and to join Minesweeper Community. Key features: High precision timer; Superior controls; Minimalistic UI; Multi-touch zoom and smooth scrolling; 3 classic levels of difficulty; Fully configurable, board size and number of mines including 3BV control; Offline score board including personal records history; Online World and Live player rankings; Highly customizable controls (Tap to flag or tap to explore); Recursive chords; Gameplay video playback; Application themes and minefield skins; Built-in game help contains best minesweeper patterns and practices; Designed with NF (playing without flags) players in mind; Facebook integration; Cheats (undo of failed move, play again).
Operating System Android