The objective of the game is to move all the disks to one of the pegs, moving one disk at a time and never putting a larger disk on top of a smaller one in the fewest number of moves. To solve the puzzle one can drag the top disk of a peg and drop it to another peg. The user can also click the base of a peg to move the top disk up and then click on the base of another peg to drop the disk onto that peg. Different from other towers games, all disks do not have to start on one peg. A non-recursive solution allows some disks to start on one peg and other disks to start on another peg when beginning a new game.Features: - User selects the number of disks (3 to 10) - 3 mode selection to start new game - Normal (all disks start on Origin Peg) - Random arrangement of the disks by computer across the three pegs - Manual arrangement of the disks across the three pegs - Displays the minimum number of moves required to solve and the total number of moves used - Timer shows elapsed time - Next Move button to calculate and execute the best move - Finish button to complete the puzzle in the minimum moves regardless of the current position of the disks - Drag n Drop or Tap Tap to move discs. Makes the app suitable for both Phones and Tablets - Speed of Animation slider allows the user to observe the solution in a fast or slow manner - Sound Effects or Vibration used for game completion and error messaging - Extensive Help Menu available - Uses Standard Gray Code instead of recursion to solve - Contains no ads
Operating System Android


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