Connect the Dots: Shadows

Experience the classic Connect the Dots puzzle game in whole new ways with Connect the Dots: Shadows. The game play is based on a simple concept seen in several other popular games: Draw lines to connect the same color dots (creating "flows") and fill the board with lines (or "pipe") to solve each puzzle. Connect the Dots: Shadows is like no other connect the dots game: * The levels are based off over 140 different board designs never seen in any connect the dots game before. * Lines can go off one edge of the board (crossing shadow tiles) and continue on the other side. * The walls in each level are on the inside of the board, not the outside.* Walls divide each board into two or more sectors. Lines must cross shadow tiles to go from one sector to another. * Each board has one or more light sectors and one or more dark sectors - giving Connect the Dots: Shadows a very unique and beautiful appearance. * There are four ways to get help on a level when stuck - other connect the dots games only have one, and we think it's the useful of the four options! More importantly, hints are free and unlimited!Connect the Dots: Shadows is the most interesting (and we think the best) connect the dots game on the planet: * We tested over 1000 different board designs over months of testing to pick the very best designs to include in the game. Criteria we used included: - Uniqueness - Difficulty - Appearance - Surprise factor - is the solution unexpected? - And most importantly, are the levels fun? * There are 10 level packs with 150 levels. 1500 completely free levels! * Each pack is based on a different type of board pattern - there is a huge variety between the level packs! Master one level pack and find that the next one offers completely new challenges. * Each pack has 5 different board sizes and at least 10 unique board designs. Boards start out relatively small and increase in size every 30 levels. * Each pack has an individual leaderboard, with an overall leaderboard for all packs. - Score points for completing each level - larger boards award more points. - Time doesn't affect score. - Number of moves doesn't affect score - Solve a puzzle without using any hints or validation and get a perfect score for that level, it's that simple! - If you need help to solve a puzzle, the four different hint/validation options can be used strategically to solve the puzzle with as little help as necessary while scoring as many points as possible. The more help is used for a level, the fewer points you will receive.We created Connect the Dots: Shadows for us. We love it, and think you will too.
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