Kakuro (Cross Sums)

Kakuro (Cross sums or Cross Addition) is a logic puzzle that mixes Crosswords and Sudoku. The goal is to insert digits from 1 to 9 into each cell, just like Sudoku. Every line has a sum which needs to be achieved, each number can only occur once in a row. Each Kakuro game always has only one possible solution.This puzzle game excels as a Kakuro game because it is made by Kakuro players. It has a clean design and easy controls and a lot of customisable features to help new players.FEATURES:- modern layout- multiple difficulties- hundreds of puzzles for each difficulty- google play games achievements- google play leaderboards for every puzzle pack- auto-save your progress for each puzzle- undo/redo functionality- selected cell highlight- crosshair highlight (optional) - error detection- combination highlighter (optional)- sum highlight- timer (optional)- phone and tablet support
Operating System Android