JoJo PiPi checks how much Good Luck do you have today ? It calculate your Gambling Lucky Days.Luck Game resemble to Singapore Toto Lottery game.8 Ways to Play! - Your Game numbers will have 48 JoJo PiPi hidden circled with your 7 randomly Lucky Number(s). - You will be given 8 ways of strikes chance. You can also use trial play to check your luck.2 Ways to Win! - On the play slip, mark up to 10 Lucky Numbers, OR mark the Quick Pick Box to have 7 Lucky Numbers randomly selected for you. - Your Lucky Numbers Bingo ticket(s) will have 24 Bingo Numbers with your Lucky Number(s) circled. Mark the numbers on the Bingo Card ticket(s) that match the 30 Bingo Numbers drawn.Detailed Play Instructions! - JoJo PiPi pick box has 7 Lucky Numbers randomly selected for you. - To play JoJo PiPi, pick at least 7 number from hidden random numbers between 1 and 48. - Seven Winning Numbers will have highest point and appear on top score. - If your chosen numbers include at least three of the Winning Numbers, you shall appear in world top luck list.
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