Hiding the Moon: Tengu Legend

"Hiding the Moon" is a puzzle game with unique physics-based gameplay. Play elegantly and explore this stunningly beautiful world. Each sreen is a piece of art.In this game, you need to guide the Tengu to manipulate the four basic elements to destroy enemies. Hundreds of years ago, Tengu (the heavenly dog in Japanese folktales), filled with anger, turned into Crow Tengu, tore the Sun and the Moon to pieces, and destroyed the world. The survival of mankind is at stake. Now the repentant Tengu embarks on an adventure to collect pieces of the SUN and the MOON to save the world. Guide the Tengu to use the four basic elements and create pathways through obstacles. Learn the secrets of manipulation.FeaturesMagical * Distinct Physical Gameplay -Tengu must collect and use 4 elements: FIRE, WIND, WATER and THUNDER to create a pathway through obstacles to eventually reach the Solar Beast or Lunar Beast. Fire breaks the wood Wind blows Tengu towards certain directions Water sails Tengu across rivers Thunder teleports Tengu to certain spotsOriental * Unique Depiction of Eastern Art Style-Exquisite artistic design with the use of gradient colors and traditional symbols of eastern culture, displaying classical oriental charm. Zen * Melodious Music Composition-Dreamlike background music blended in with the exquisite design, creating a surreal and fantastic soundscape. Immerse into the Zen atmosphere.Legendary * Picturesque Story about Tengu -As the pieces of the Sun and Moon are gathered step by step, the mythical story between Tengu, the Moon and the Sun gradually gets unfolded in front of your eyes like a picture book.Awards2016 4C Digital Creation Contest Gold Prize of Games2016 National Songteng Cup Gold Prize of Mobile Games2016 DC Award Silver Prize of Creative Planning2016 DC Award Bronze Prize of Mobile Game Creation2016 ACG Bahamut Choice Award of Mobile Games2016 IMGA SEA Best Mobile Game of the Year2016 IMGA China Best Mobile Game of the Yearhttps://www.facebook.com/hidingthemoon/
Operating System Android