Fugu Maze Pro

Please try the free (ad-supported) version of Fugu Maze first to verify it runs on your device. Find your way out of the maze with just your footsteps and a flashlight to guide you. Don't let the suspense sound effects make you nervous. The 3D maze is regenerated randomly each time, with different layouts, wall textures, and skies (you'll have to find the exit to see that). Features a first-person view and a dual thumb control: left thumb on the translucent button moves you forward while the right thumb drags on the screen to turn. Give your device a good shake to rescramble the maze. Double-tap on the screen to bring up the menu. Web reviews for the iOS version. SmartAppDevelopers - "Challenging. Really creates the feel of being lost in a maze. Fugu Maze is an interesting and intense application for the iPhone. ". Game Info. For more information, visit http://fugugames.com/ and check out the Facebook fan page http://facebook.com/fugugamesNote the YouTube video shown here is of the desktop (Mac) version. Created with the Unity game engine, Unity demo assets, the Free ArtSkillz Texture Pack, Rust Textures from Cobra Games, iLife Sound Effects, and Holo GUI from Evil. This app does not work with some Samsung Galaxy S devices running Android 2.1.
Operating System Android


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