Domino Merge is a simple, new addicting block puzzle game. How to play. =- Drag a given domino block to the grid empty cells. Place 3 or more domino block with the same number next to each other to merge them and get higher number (you can tap to rotate it before placing them). "M" is the final number. Merge "M" block as it is powerful and destroys the surrounding cells. Domino Merge game ends when you don't have space to put a given numbered hexagon into cells. Use "Refresh" to generate new domino block at the bottom. Use "Remove" to remove any domino block on cells. Use "Undo" to revert last step. Features. =- Simple and nice graphics. Good sounds and best effects. No time limit. Auto save current game for the next times when left the game. Compare your score with your friends and other Play Games players. Support. =- Any suggestion, please mail-to ""More. =- This is a free game with ads support. THANKS FOR PLAYING.
Operating System Android