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Kraynium Puzzle Mine contains the largest collection of puzzles and brain games with something for everyone. Play with friends and family to have fun time. Improve your reasoning, attention, verbal, memory and math skills. Improve your IQ. Improve your concentration and think faster. Internet connection is required to play the games. Features: All games can be played in single-player and real-time multi-player modes. Simple and intuitive interface that does not get in the way of game play. Each game has enormous depth at many levels. Replay the levels to master the game without getting bored of repetition. Levels get unlocked as you play. Belt awards based on cumulative scores. Tracking your best score and best time at each level of each game. and much more. Brain functions exercised: Executive functions and logical problem solving. Attention, Focus and concentration. Memory. Math. Language. Spatial imaginationGames in this version: Slot Machine. Magnetic Eraser. Field Survey. Connect the Dots. Word Search. Painted Tiles. Stack the Dots. Jumbled Word. Memory Cards. Word Builder. Number Junction. Star Parade. Color Words. Hidden Word. Toggling Lights. Toll Gates. Arithmetic Pairs. Lone Arrow. Unique Row. Pattern Search. Total Recall. Greatest Expression. Target Eraser. Cryptic Addition. Digital Crossword. Seesaw Balance. Word Twister. Color Code. Addition Sprint. Multiplication Sprint. Subtraction Sprint. Division Sprint. Missing Piece. Number House. Picturesque Journey. Sliding TilesWho will benefit? Do you want to improve and maintain good brain function throughout life? Are you a student who wants to improve your grades? Are you a senior citizen who wants to engage in activities that slow the age-related cognitive decline? Do you like playing "thinking oriented" games with friends? Do you like doing puzzles? Do you like to take your brain for a jog while waiting in a doctors office, airport etc? What people are saying. "I think Puzzle Mine is an apt name. It truly is a gold mine of puzzles. I keep seeing different puzzles no matter how many times I play the same level of a game. "I discovered this site while waiting at a doctor's office. What an amazing find. Thanks to Kraynium, I enjoyed the long wait. Now I use it regularly to take my brain for a jog while I wait during my daughter's piano lessons. "My son enjoys playing these games. His grades improved after he started playing. I believe Kraynium has something to do with it. Way to go Kraynium. "I tried other brain training apps available out there. Most of them try to analyze your brain and fail miserably. After trying Kraynium, I feel the best way to train your brain is just exercise it and not worry about measuring it. "I enjoy doing puzzles when relaxing. I used to buy a lot of puzzle books before. Now I just use Kraynium. Amazing resource. "My parents, who are senior citizens, want to keep their brain function in top shape as they get older. They use Kraynium as a way to slow down age-related mental decline. "I play these games to "center myself" after a busy day. I love the simple interface that doesn't get in the way of game play. "Absolutely love the group play feature. Easy to setup a group game session. Enjoy playing these games with my friends. "I love all the games in Kraynium. Good variety. I noticed that new games are being added from time to time. Keep up the good work. "On the web: http://www.kraynium.comhttp://www.puzzlemine.comSupport:
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