Word Kids is a simple, yet quite polished and fun match-3 word colorful game but more colorful effects than ever. Be careful because of its addiction and sparkle. HOW TO PLAY: 1: Find all the word puzzle in the board on each level cookie. 2: Swipe your finger over the word to select it. 3: Make the word cookies down to the last line to pass the next level. SCORE TIPS: Eliminate the word cookies quickly can get extra scores. Match the Crossword Quiz until the board transparency, the Word Cookies will appear. FEATURES: Over 500 magical levels and challenges in Word Cookies for endless FUN. Many colorful explosions with type of the Word puzzle. With 7 new color boom effects that becomes the only one and very sparkling in the Word Cookies games. Two Game Modes: Arcade and Time Counting (Classic) - Match 4 spelling games can take the word cookies bomb. Match 5 Crossword Quiz can win color-changing spelling games and 2 lighting. The bomb Cookie Jam can eliminate the Word Cookies around with multi color for more fun. Classic Genies games, you can make thousands of not only sugar but also sweet and confounding Fruit here. Variety of game-plays, awesome new colorful spelling games characters. Beautiful spectacular boosters, splendid HD colorful graphics. The color-changing gummy can eliminate to any other colored Word Cookies. The timing candy can extend the playing time. The lightning "words" can eliminate Crossword Quiz in one row or column. Outstanding graphics and music, easy to play, hard to stop. Ready for phones, tablets and IPS displays that supports a new wide range devices. Fortune Cookies Jam with surprising rewards. Let's recreate the cupcake and Genies matching 3 sweep games around the world. Controls via virtual analog stick or simple drag and swipe. Unique and delicious cupcake and Gummy set with cookie jam and sugar in each level gives you tons of sweet challenge. Welcome to the sweet fairy tale world full of cookies and sugar in Word Kids Let the manuscript for the cookie and sugar, sweep the "words" all over the world. Come and enjoy delicious cookies, delicious sugar and delicious jam in Cookie Smash with Word Cookies. All free, hope you will be pleasure with Word KidsThank you all for downloading Word Cookies. Please do not forget to let us know what you think about the game.
Operating System Android